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Gerezani BP round-about, near Lake Oil Petrol Station
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MeTL Bajaj established itself as one of the fastest growing automobile companies in 2018, and is since the sole authorized distributor of Bajaj Auto India in Tanzania, consisting now of over 130 employees.

Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers, traders and distributors of two-wheelers, three-wheelers and spare parts in Tanzania. Services are inclusive of warranty, door-step services, advance bookings and capability building of technicians / mechanics by providing them with training on new technology.

Initiatives / Achievements:

  • Clean Water Drive - with an aim to provide clean drinking water facilities; the staff of MeTL Bajaj visited Vingunguti Hospital, where they donated water dispensers and water bottles to the mother’s and Children’s ward. MeTL Bajaj plans to carry out the same in a number of hospitals across the city.
  • Bedsheet Distribution Drive - MeTL Bajaj was also involved in distributing bed sheets for the regional hospital of Vingunguti Hospital, seen here as received by the Matron in Charge and our Human Resource Manager with her team in the spirit of caring for our community
  • Blood Donation Drive - MeTL Bajaj is at the heart of recognizing the need to save a life. Thereby in partnership with Damu Salaama, our employees persevere to donate blood and it deepened their awareness on different blood types, their compatibility and their own blood group type.35 pints of blood were collected for the benefit of the society.
  • Free Toolkit Distribution to Mechanics in Rural Area - As a part of its CSR Activity MeTL Bajaj distributed Special tools to the local mechanics for free of cost.
  • Health Check-up Camps - MeTL Bajaj organizes Heath Checkup camps for the riders and family members during their service camps in an attempt to support and promote healthy living.
  • National Mechanics Training Program - Training was conducted for Mechanics to train how to repair Bajaj 2&3-wheelers requires more practical knowledge. While giving training we are concentrating on the session so that they know how to communicate the skill to mechanics for whoever participating in the session. This training helps them to quickly identify the problems and improve their efficiency.
  • Internship Programs - MeTL Bajaj provides internship opportunities to young students who are in their first and second years at a college or university. The internship typically lasts for 12 weeks and the students are put under a mentor. To meet their daily expenses, MeTL Bajaj provides a stipend and lunch. Additionally, MeTL Bajaj also, collaborates with different Organization or Institutions for Apprenticeship. Below is the list of 9 interns that we have nurtured so far and intend to in the coming quarter.

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