About Us

About Us

Make Your Move is Tanzania's own first of its kind OSS platform offering end-to-end HR services tailor-made to fit the Tanzanian market. We call it online employment exchange where job seekers and job providers come together to find best fits for them.

We continuously invest resources into product development and enhanced user experiences through integrated search mechanism and interactive site response. The web platform is envisioned to be supplemented by mobile platform to make it far reached and quicker to access.

Our other value-added services include a wide range of innovative solutions:

Services for Job Seekers

  • Career Guidance:Through our expertise in career and change counselling; we use several testing methods (including The Strong Interest Inventory©), carry out a comprehensive need analysis, post-test reviews and create a fully customized and realistic action plan to unearth your dormant talents and help you find direction for your future. Our program includes one-to-one coaching, advisory sessions with industry professionals, job shadowing and self-exploratory counselling. Additionally, we provide bespoke counselling sessions aimed at parents to allow better understanding of their youngster's unique skills and challenges.
  • Resume Writing: In today's world where jobs more accessible owing to the technological advancements, resume writing process has become more important than ever before. To have job search success, your resume has to appeal to both the resume scanning software and the hiring manager. If you are not trained to understand what each are looking for, your resume might be getting lost in the resume black hole. When you work with a resume writing service, you are investing in a quicker job search, and a more fruitful and satisfying career. Our decades of expertise in recruitment services and first hand expose in hiring enables us to offer you one of the world class professional resume writing service that is directly handled by our industry experts.
  • Interview Advice: Different organizations have evolved innovative interview processes in order to master their search for a right candidate. This has put significant focus onto the preparedness of a candidate to become smarter than ever to crack interviews. After-all first impression is the last impression! We have ourselves taken thousands of interviews and used multiple methodologies to access an individual and our interview advisory panel of experts can provide you with much needed knowledge about nuances of various type of interviews and cutting-edge advisory that helps you sail through any interview.


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