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P. O Box 22196, Plot No. # 1A, Mabibo Industrial Area, Mandela Road, DSM
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MeTL Group subsidiary Royal Soap and Detergent Industries Ltd started commercial operations in January 2013. The plant manufactures detergent powder, detergent paste and liquid detergent using fully automated technology. It is located in the Mabibo Industrial Area of the Tanzanian commercial capital, just 15km from Dar es Salaam port, ensuring good transportation links. The plant employs about 200 workers.  
Focused on in-house brand development, the company offers original equipment manufacturing (OEM) services for customers who need a local manufacturer for their own brands, both from within Tanzania and abroad.


The factory has a liquid chemical storage capacity of more than three million liters. There is also 7,000 square meters of warehouse space for storage of raw materials, packing material and finished goods. Royal Soap and Detergent has a quality control policy in which every product is subjected to multiple quality checks before being dispatched. Specially designated quality managers oversee every stage, from initial production to packaging and delivery. All products comply with the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), a government-authorized product certification body. Royal Soap and Detergent Industries uses the most modern machinery and technology, as well as reliable sources of raw materials, to achieve its stated objective of unfailing customer satisfaction.


Royal Soap and Detergent produces the following brands and packs:

Poa Detergent Powder

Taifa Detergent Powder

Mo detergent Powder


Royal Soap and Detergent has the largest capacity in East Africa producing 10 tons per hour (87,600 tons per annum) of detergent powder with a fully automatic spray dried detergent powder production plant. The plant can produce high, medium or low-density synthetic detergent powder, as per customer requirements. There is a fully automatic sulfonation plant producing two tons per hour (14,400 tons per annum) and 100 tons per day of liquid sodium silicate. The plant has a capacity of two tons per hour (14,400 tons per annum) of liquid detergents.There is a fully automatic sulfuric acid production plant, which can produce 98% concentrated sulfuric acid 5,475 MT/Yearly.


Royal Soap and Detergent aims to improve its cost efficiencies by investing further in the production of raw materials for detergent manufacturing, the factory is currently producing about 40% of its raw materials in terms of volume, and about 65% in terms of value. The company plans to increase its volume production to 60%. 
Royal Soap and Detergent also plans to build on its synthetic detergent powder OEM services, providing phosphorus or non-phosphorus detergent powder in accordance with environmental protection requirements in different countries. The Group will expand its product range to home care products such as all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner and dish washing paste. The Group is in the process of commissioning a sodium silicate liquid plant with a capacity of 100tons per day.

The company plans to invest in a PP (polypropylene) bag manufacturing plant to provide packaging materials for own use.     

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