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  • Work Life Balance_976.jpg

    Work-Life Balance: The Key to a Fulfilling Career

    In the bustling landscape of modern careers, maintaining a healthy work-life balance has become more crucial than ever. The push for productivity a...

  • Motivation-at-work_928.jpg

    Motivation at Work Place

    Are you also one of those who find motivation rather elusive? Whether it is working in office, or at home, staying motivated can be sometimes chall...

  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward_217.jpg

    Putting your Best Foot Forward

    Congratulations! You finally landed your dream job. Most think it is a relief, but it does not end there. Getting ready for your first big day can...

  • Preparing for Interview_990.png

    Preparing for an Interview

    Now that you have landed an interview through our MakeYourMove portal, it is up to you to make a powerful and positive fi...

  • Job Hunting Strategies_88.png

    Job Hunting Strategies

    MakeYourMove Recruitment portal makes it easy for you, as a job seeker, to browse through numerous vacancies for a variety of job posts across our...

  • cover letter writing tips-06_571.png

    Cover Letter Writing Tips

    We often pay more heed to polishing or brushing up our resumes before applying for a job, and we seldom consider the value and influence of a cover...

  • resume tips-03_362.png

    Resume Writing Tips

    Today, every industry in the job market is populated with thousands of applications. In fact, on average around 250 resumes are received for each c...

  • boost your employability-04_829.png

    Boost your Employability

    The job-hunting process can be a tedious one, involving multiple steps and layers. Fortunately, through the MakeYourMove platform, a significant co...

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