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    Sources of Recruitment

    There are a variety of sources that organizations use to recruit the best fit for their vacancies that have been tried and tested. There are some avenues that have been used for years, and that are still being implemented today, and there are some that are more contemporary, which align with the modern era that we are in today.

    While each source has its own benefits, and setbacks, it all comes down to the aim, and what type of candidate is being sought out, to fill what role.

    Here are some of the most common sources of recruitment:

    1. Your company website

    This is one of the most reliable sources of recruitment for the job searcher. It guarantees them that the listing is genuine, and they are more willing to submit an application that is complete, authentic and of a high standard. On the flip side, your company website may not be the most visited page for the candidates that you are specifically searching for, so you may not be successful in collecting applications that fit the bill.

    2. Social media

    With the rise of social media, this may be one of the most popular sources of recruitment, where you can advertise your job listings. You can be sure that this will reach a wide audience, who can easily share the post with those whom they know are searching for the relevant position. However, there may be a large pool that are not active on social media who your reach will not extend to.

    3. Newspapers

    Possibly the oldest source of recruitment in the books, newspaper advertisements is a source that is still being used today. You may be able to reach out to the pool that is missing from social media, however, you are then missing out on another pool of candidates who are not regular readers. Additionally, more often than not, job listings on newspapers are small in size and therefore easy to overlook.

    4. The MakeYourMove portal

    Although relatively short-lived, the MYM portal has had many successful cases of job placements. This portal supports a 2-way interacting scheme. Organizations are able to post their listings with all relevant requirements, so that job seekers that are registered can reach out, and, recruiters can search for candidates through the portal that seem to be good potential candidates. Our associates ensure that all job listings and job seekers that are included in our database are legitimate, which already releases a strain from any recruiter. In order to source the right candidate, all recruiters have to do is post a job listing, and either wait to be contacted, or go through our database and contact the suitable candidate.

    Although there are plenty of sources of recruitment beyond what has been covered here, it is clear that the MYM portal eases the burden on organizations in many ways, and can guarantee a recruiter’s success in accessing the right candidate. Our many success stories are an attestation to our utility.

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